About Us
Go wireless!

What we do

Digital Telemetry specialises in the remote collection of business data and the remote control of equipment. We do this using cellular, local area, and wide area networks.

Where we are

Digital Telemetry is based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. But you and your equipment can be almost anywhere in the world.

Who we are

Digital Telemetry is a group of professional IT and electronic engineers who have significant hardware, software, and telecommunications experience. We have a strong customer focus and enviable business track records.

The services we supply

Digital Telemetry provides the means by which you can monitor and control your equipment either from our data centre or from a PC anywhere in the world. Data and messages are collected over our communications Invisibridge® network and relayed to you.

We offer a range of intelligent Xtensor® modem controllers that plug into your in-field and or office systems for sending data over our Invisibridge® network infrastructure safely and reliably.

How we help our customers

All of our customers have something in common. They all have machines somewhere that measure, or process, or collect data. Or that monitor and send alarms. And they want fast, inexpensive, and reliable access to their data. Digital Telemetry provides the means of getting the data where clients want it and when they want it.

The machine generating the data could be a traffic control system, or a power station, or a simple anemometer. Or it could be a GPS locator, or a dairy farm monitor, or a vending machine. By plugging an Xtensor® modem into the machine, we manage communications with our host computers over a secure network. We offer you a combination of cellular, land-line, and radio connections to the network to suit your needs.

Via our Invisibridge® network, we collect, or process, or relay data and messages to you - either immediately or at regular intervals. Our disaster recovery facilities ensure that data is kept secure.

Why the Digital Telemetry service is unique

Digital Telemetry's products and services are unlike those available from other suppliers.

Our controllers are programmable, allowing us to pre-process your data in order to make the most cost-effective use of the communications network. Not only are they programmable, but they can be controlled by us from New Zealand - or from a PC with a web browser anywhere in the world.

We provide two-way communication with remote machines. We can change the way in which these machines behave. We can arrange for them to send messages directly to your PC, or your cell phone, or your office phone. We can relay alarms to you by email, by SMS (TXT), or by pager.

Only recently have the technologies required to control remote equipment intelligently, securely, and cost-effectively become available. Before long, these integrated technologies will be widespread.

Digital Telemetry will continue to service the needs of its forward-looking customers by supplying proven solutions today.