What am I seeing?

This is actual radar speed data, collected from random school zone signs around New Zealand.

Vehicle speed statistics for a calendar month are shown in two tables: Site Statistics  and Top-20 Speeds. They summarise the radar speed information collected from the sites listed.

As a logged-in customer, you would see information pertaining to your speed data collection sites.

What is it telling me?

  • The compliance rate is the percentage of vehicles respecting the posted speed limit. You can see at a glance which sites had the best/worst compliance rate for the selected month.

  • The 95th Percentile kph tells you the speed 95% of drivers were travelling at or below.

  • How many vehicles were counted during the month?

Top-20 Speeds

This table lists the top twenty speeds for the month:
  • ranked by speed in excess of the posted limit 
  • across all sites 
  • with time and location displayed 

What Else?

The Radar Speed Data page allows you to select a specific site, and view much more detailed information about it.

Exporting Data

You can download an export of the information in one of both of the tables:

  • Export to Excel downloads an Excel spreadsheet with two (unformatted) sheets: one for each table

  • Statistics to File downloads a standard file containing the contents of the Site Statistics table. Specify whether you want csv (comma-separated-value) format, or txt (tab-delimited); either format will load into most spreadsheet programs.

  • Top 20 to File downloads a standard file containing the contents of the Top 20 - Speeds above Posted Limit table

Site Statistics
Top 20 - Speeds above Posted Limit