We keep you connected with your infield devices.

Rapid visibility and control of key information, with minimal disruption.

Your data The Digital Telemetry connection Accessing your data
At the infield end we link to a wide range of smart and simple devices: collecting data, managing systems and/or controlling them. The Invisibridge® network management system stays connected to your equipment, collecting & delivering data, checking for issues and keeping your information safe. Access from a variety of points is key. Digital Telemetry enables you to connect to your equipment using your existing software, via a web site, using your pager, SMS, ftp, Web Services or email.

The Xtensor® Java modem connects your equipment to the Digital Telemetry Invisibridge® network. It supports RS232, Digital and Analogue I/O enabling a wide range of systems to be connected and controlled. It gives you access to:

  • Analogue Inputs: Gauges, flow meters, temperature, pH levels, depths, speeds, etc.
  • RS232, RS485: Serial data feeds, control systems, meters, PLC controllers, standard modem replacement. Remote access & data collection.
  • PLC: Industrial control systems; reliable, remote access, control and data collection.
  • Digital Inputs: Alarms, sensors, counters, motor status, switches.
  • Digital Outputs: Control your motors, pumps, water solenoids, lights, alarms.

The Invisibridge® network connects unmanned equipment, modems and information to the data collection gateway at Digital Telemetry. It facilitates monitoring, data delivery and remote access for our Customers.

The customer and customer application experience is simplified, reliable, seamless, scalable and cost effective. The Invisibridge® network shelters you from the complexities of network integration, automated monitoring, reliable data delivery, remote access, backups and disaster recovery.

Resilient, reliable cellular data connections to unmanned locations are difficult and time consuming to support. With the Invisibridge® network that work has been done for you. It provides you a hassle free "always on" cellular connection between you and your equipment.

Access to your information is tailored to suit your specific needs. Existing applications are used where appropriate and can be enhanced with new channels such as Web sites, email or SMS.

  • Existing applications using TCP/IP or RS232
  • Results, reports and real time data delivered via ftp, email, web site, web services
  • Telnet to your equipment over the internet
  • Receive alerts by email, SMS and/or pager
  • Web Site viewing of data (Digital Telemetry secure login)
  • Web Site Remote Control and Management
  • Remote programming or configuration using existing applications